Date Name Description
08:30 AM
30th July 2021
Flow with Juliana Follow a sequenced flow, with Juliana to some beautifully curated sounds, followed by breakfast. BOOK NOW
08:30 AM
23rd July 2021
Vinyasa Flow Yoga with our fav, Michaela Get ready to sweat and indulge in some post yoga breakfast BOOK NOW
06:00 PM
10th July 2021
Cosmic Roots Sound Journey Flow into a sound journey opening your heart and releasing with cosmic roots BOOK NOW
06:00 PM
4th July 2021
sound journey Full hour of immersive meditative sound journey with lisa followed by a set supper BOOK NOW
06:30 PM
21st June 2021
world yoga day Come celebrate the beauty of yoga with our most precious teacher Followed by some mingling and redeeamble FNB BOOK NOW
08:00 AM
12th June 2021
Hatha with Tia rescheduled BOOK NOW
05:00 PM
5th June 2021
New Moon Cacao Ceremony Lisa, a renowneded meditation practitioner will guide us through this ceremony Followed by a fulfilling dinner BOOK NOW
08:30 AM
28th May 2021
Energizing flow with Juliana A regular sold out class, Juliana takes us through a powerful vinyasa flow, giving us a boosting energy throughout the day post the Flower Moon Followed by breakfast BOOK NOW
08:30 AM
21st May 2021
Flow with Lenka An energizing flow with Lenka Delicious breakfast to follow, fully redeemable on bookings BOOK NOW
08:30 AM
23rd April 2021
Immunity Boosting Flow Yoga sequence with our favorite Juliana BOOK NOW
08:30 AM
16th April 2021
Flow with Alex Wake up and flow with the lovely Alex followed by a multi-sensory breakfast please bring your own yoga mat BOOK NOW
08:40 AM
6th April 2021
Vegan Entrepreneurs UAE vegan entrepreneurs brings to you a breakfast meet in association with Dubai Vegan Days. Bringing together like minded business owners and a chance to build new connections. This includes breakfast and coffee BOOK NOW
08:30 AM
26th March 2021
Chakra Balancing Yoga with Juliana BOOK NOW
08:30 AM
19th March 2021
Flow with Loren Loren is passionate about the benefits of yoga, and will be guiding us through an energizing practice followed by a delicious breakfast BOOK NOW
08:30 AM
26th February 2021
Flow with Juliana a sold out class, come flow with Juliana who's experienced at giving all levels a refreshing session. Fully redeemable breakfast after. BOOK NOW
09:00 AM
13th February 2021
valentine's sounds postponed BOOK NOW
08:30 AM
6th February 2021
Mobility Workshop · Learn the basic fundamentals on fascia and myofascial release. · Understand the different ways to “roll” · Learn how and why you should implement self myofascial release on a personal level. · Learn the importance of the pain threshold while implementing myofascial release. · Discover the different tools to use for specific areas of the body and the benefits that they offer. · Learn how to unlock tight areas in the body And enjoy a refreshment after on us! BOOK NOW
08:25 AM
29th January 2021
Yoga with Juliana BOOK NOW
08:30 AM
15th January 2021
Flow with Michaela Get sweaty and finish relaxed with the beautiful michaela BOOK NOW
08:30 AM
2nd January 2021
New Year Sounds Immerse yourself in the blissful meditational sounds with Leelah followed by a breakfast in the lovely new year BOOK NOW
08:30 AM
18th December 2020
Flow with Michaela Get into a sweaty flow with the beautiful michaela, followed by a breakfast in the lovely outdoor weather BOOK NOW
08:30 AM
11th December 2020
Yoga with Michaela come flow with michaela this weekend bring your own yoga mat BOOK NOW
08:30 AM
4th December 2020
Yoga with Kethy BOOK NOW
06:20 PM
3rd December 2020
Hip Hop Yoga come flow with like minded people led by melissa to the beats of shef codes Aed 79, fully redeemable on food BOOK NOW
08:30 AM
27th November 2020
Mobility mobility and relaxation bring your own mat and enjoy breakfast on us BOOK NOW
08:30 AM
20th November 2020
Yoga with Mel Come flow with our regular and beautiful Melissa, and enjoy a delicious breakfast after BOOK NOW
08:30 AM
13th November 2020
Sound Healing with Ana Immerse yourself in wonderful sounds with Ana using tibetan bowls BOOK NOW
08:30 AM
23rd October 2020
Yoga Nidra Join us for a peaceful mantra meditation morning followed by yog nidra with Mahesh Advani BOOK NOW
08:30 AM
16th October 2020
Yoga with Mel Start your morning with a gentle vinyasa flow hosted by Melissa. Stay back for a fully redeemable healthy breakfast. Remember to bring your own mats. BOOK NOW
08:30 AM
9th October 2020
Yoga with Alex Come flow with Alex, and enjoy a breakfast after Remember to bring your own mat BOOK NOW
06:30 PM
1st October 2020
Full Moon Cleanse A sound cleanse taking you forward this full moon with Leelah please bring your own yoga mat BOOK NOW
08:30 AM
25th September 2020
Flow with Amy Hatha Yoga with Amy BOOK NOW